Planet Blue Dota 2 Cup Season 1

Planet Blue Dota 2 Cup Season 1 will feature top 8 teams from CIS and Europe region. It is organized by Target Events and powered by Assagao and Masterigs. Top 8 Teams from CIS and Europe region will compete for a prize pool of $3000 which will be divided among top 2 teams.

The latest operation update comes after almost two years since CS:GO’s Hydra operations was launched.

Valve has announced a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operations after nearly two years. Operation Shattered Web is a massive update that introduces agents or characters for the first time in the game along with several cosmetic upgrades. While all the characters have been given visual upgrades through the years, they have been the same models since CS:GO launched. Operation Shattered Web brings […] claim EPIC League Division 1 title

The new roster claimed their first title under the banner at EPIC League Division 1 after a five-game series against OG. Three months ago benched their entire roster and recently moved their VP.Prodigy team into the active status as the main team. The change paid off. The CIS team was impressive even in the group stage, […]